We are women of grace

Women's Ministry that is powerful, founded upon the Word of God and ministered by the power of God's grace and the Holy Spirit.

It is vital to the Body of Christ that women rise up and take their place as daughters of the Most High God, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. Each one of us are unique and have been given grace and specific gifts and talents - for the special plans and purposes that God has for each of us. If we are to do His will, be pleasing to Him and do right in the sight of the Lord, it is imperative that we inquire of the Holy Spirit and learn what those gifts, plans and purposes are and then, begin to operate in them fulfilling our unique purpose. By strengthening, encouraging, teaching and loving one another, we inspire an atmosphere that fosters these gifts and talents and produces maturity and growth as a believer.


You Are A Beautiful Child Of God

Did you know that God loves you - with a special love? One that is unique only to you and for you. When you begin to understand this, you will never again feel the need to compete with others for acceptance, appreciation and love. What freedom! What joy to know that the Creator of the universe formed you to do things that only YOU can do! There is a grace upon you and within you that was designed to function in the Body of Christ with your exact specifications. Noone else can do it BUT you! That is precisely WHY it is so important that we each find our grace and operate in it - not withholding it from the rest of the Body. Because without you, there IS something vital that is missing. It causes the Body of Christ to not operate at its maximum potential, and renders incapable of its full impact.

Join us as we come together to help one another find our grace - if we have not yet discovered it, help others to grow and mature in their callings and minister to one another through teachings, prayer, prophetic anointings and utterances, outings and studies. We invite you to come find your place with the Women of Grace. Save the DATES for all of our exciting Women's Ministry Happenings click our CALENDAR here >