where there is a lack of vision...

the people perish. Proverbs 29:18

"Where there is no vision, the people perish; but he that keepeth the law, happy is he." Pro 29:18 kjv

We are a Spirit filled, Spirit lead, multi-cultural church that runs hard after developing an intimate relationship with Him. We see Winners Church as a church of thousands with multiple campuses impacting our city, our nation and our world through equipping the body to function in the grace and anointing that resides in each individual.


Winners Church HISTORY

Where you have been is vitally important in getting you to where you are going. Winners Church formed in January of 2012 prompted by a Word that God spoke to Pastor Ziggy Sanchez. For over 30 years, Ziggy has been spreading revival throughout this nation as part of the evangelistic and prophetic call on his life, but the Lord began to speak to Ziggy's heart about the need for true transformation and equipping of the saints here at home. Both Ziggy and Annie will tell you, it took some convincing and reassurances from the Lord in order for them to fully embrace the idea of pastoring a church. They had been in the ministry together as youth pastors and of course, Ziggy has traveled the nation for decades ministering healing and revival....but this, this was a whole new ball game. Willing to be obedient and step into a brand new calling on their lives has proved both rewarding and challenging, but the lives that are being affected, equipped and transformed because of their obedience makes it all worthwhile.

As Pastors Ziggy and Annie look ahead to 2017 and what God has in store for Winners Church, they do so with a renewed excitement and honed vision. It's been a learn-as-you-go experience, but with God at the helm, it has always been one filled with His presence and grace. The future holds many exciting things for the people of Winners - especially since God never asked Ziggy to forsake his evangelistic/ prophetic call - rather to embrace it as one of the many necessary facets and tools of Winners Church He will use to fulfill His plans and purposes here in the earth. Since spreading revival was first what God called him to, Ziggy remains faithful to that call as it interweaves beautifully into what God is calling each member of Winners to. It was a foundational thing that God told Ziggy right from the start: that He would "build Winners Church not solely upon the grace bestowed to Ziggy and the ministry he had been given, but the graces and callings that were upon each person called to be a member of Winners." Isn't that amazing? It is a refreshing departure from the norm where a body of believers can discover, become confident of and walk in the full authority of their spiritual gifts, grace and calling. Where they are equipped and then raised up to go out and fulfill God's Will for their lives. These are exciting times here at Winners Church.