revival is here

and we are spreading it across the nation.


Revival Fire Is SPREADING....

If you can't be there in person, join us on Facebook Live nightly!

God has placed a fresh desire and mandate upon Pastor Ziggy Sanchez to spread the fire of Revival across the United States and beginning 2018, Winners Church is determined to make that mandate a reality. But isn't it just like God to get a head start?? This often leaves us to ponder, what will He do next?

Well recently, The Lord has opened up a door in Shawnee, Oklahoma to fan aflame the fires of revival, in order to sweep the region with His Spirit afresh! We are already moving into Week Two at Faith Connection Church and God is moving in a demonstrative and powerful way. Many think that true revival is a movement or a happening, but what most don't understand is that it truly is a refreshing and outpouring of the Holy Spirit which empowers us and leads us into transformed, spiritually renewed lives! It is a LIFESTYLE - a way of life that causes individuals, families, communities, cities, regions and ultimately, nations to change! Invigorated with the power of God to spread the good news of His Gospel with all whom we encounter. Won't you join us, the wells of revival are springing forth...come on in, the water's fine! And for those of you who may not be able to get there in person, join us via livestream catch some of the recordings here or on facebook!

REVIVAL is Here with Pastor Ziggy Sanchez!

See how God is moving upon His people!

Many times, we think that when God brings Revival - that His Spirit is the only one that will be manifested. The reality is: there will be many spirits revealed and manifested during Revival. It is our responsibility as mature believers to tune in to the HOLY SPIRIT and focus on what HE is doing, while the others manifest - many will be delivered, some will try to be distracting, others will attempt to divide, etc. - but by walking after the Holy Spirit and keeping our eyes on what God is doing, we will see a greater measure of success and breakthrough. So stay focused. Stay hungry. But be wise and keep your eyes fixed on Jesus.

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Upcoming Revival Dates:

Faith Connections Church - Shawnee thru April
Crosslife Church -Millerton, OK thru April

Look For Us in OHIO!

New Jerusalem Church - Defiance, OH Dates TBA

What're You Doing This Summer?

We are headed to POWERHOUSE Camp Meeting - Seattle, WA
Details to follow! .

Need Answers.

He's given them. In His Word.

Need Deliverance?

Jesus has come and will make you free!

Weight Of The World On Your Shoulders?

Cast all your cares upon The Lord.

Is God Really Real?

Come to Revival and SEE for your self.