Loving our community and the world begins at home. Outreach is an integral part of our vision here at Winners Church.

Outreach is integral part of our vision here at Winners Church and we believe that through the act of reaching out to those in our communities, that we step into our role of the great commission and have an opportunity to share the Good News of the Gospel. Outreach affords us the opportunity to express God's love, build relationships, minister healing, offer prayer and share God's plan of salvation to those who might not otherwise receive it. Throughout 2016, we held several community outreaches at various appartment complexes and retirement centers - where many lives were touched, healed, delivered and accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior. We had the pleasure of offering a free meal, a day of worship, facepainting, bouncy houses, games, friendship and fun to so many wonderful people. What a joyful experience! We've already begun planning our Outreach Opportunities for 2017. Come and be a part of it with us! For Dates and Times of our UPCOMING OUTREACHES click HERE >



A Passion For Compassion

Winners have a heart. A heart for our fellow neighbors. A heart for our community.

It is our desire to share the light of Jesus with all those we encounter. Whether it is bringing food and setting up a community picnic at an apartment complex, going to the hospitals and praying for the sick, cooking for those who have suffered loss or simply providing the less fortunate food and clothing - we all have a responsibility to show the love of God and offer hope to all those who would hear.

If that's in your heart too, then come and join us. Reach out to those who are reaching up!