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Finding a home church is as important as finding a place to live. It is vital for the believer to find a vibrant, thriving place to worship that offers a place to encounter the presence and power of God, find instruction in his Holy Word and teachings of Jesus Christ and become equipped for the fulfillment of God's will in your life. Joining a local church provides a safe place where you can discover your grace and your place in the body of Christ. Just as our founding scripture delares in Ephesians 4:7, "but to each one of us grace was given according to the measure of the gift of Christ," we need to delve into God's Word and also within ourselves to discover and refine the gifts God has placed in each of us for the perfecting and working together of the saints. We each have a very unique and important function in the Body of Christ and discovering just what that is and beginning to operate IN those gifts fulfills and matures us. Come discover the treasure hidden within you at Winners Church.



We believe that Jesus is the Head of the Church and that He will lead you to a home church where you can become someone who, whether by a signature or a word of commitment or promise, says, "I'm committed to a people, a people who hear the word of God preached, a people who perform the ordinances that Jesus gave to his church, and a people who commit to the 'one another' commandments (love each other, exhort each other, admonish each other, and hold each other accountable)." Those commitments are what membership is. The New Testament states the importance of being a part of the local body - giving of yourself to minister there and to receive ministry there - advancing the cause of the gospel, and most importantly: getting equipped to go out into the world and sharing the good news of the Gospel. Being a part of your local church gives you the support, foundation, stength and stability necessary to ensure success in the lives and ministries of all believers as they mature in God's Word and His Holy Spirit.

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