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Meet Our Pastors

Pastors Ziggy and Marianne Sanchez

One year after his salvation, Ziggy went into full-time ministry as an evangelist and he has spent the last 30 years fulfilling that call. While ministering, the power of the Holy Spirit has been manifested mightily and demonstrated miraculously through Ziggy. Many revival meetings scheduled to last only days have been extended and lasted many months. Great miracles, signs and wonders have been witnessed as he ministers God's word, but the greatest miracles of Ziggy's 30 years of ministry are the thousands who have given their lives to Jesus Christ. Currently, Ziggy and his wife of 29 years - Marianne, have been called to pastor the body of Christ in Edmond, Oklahoma. Pastors Annie and Ziggy have been blessed with a tremendous destiny and calling to spread the fire of revival to the people of this nation and also to demonstrate God's power to our generation. We welcome you and invite you to become a part of fulfilling God's plan here at Winners Church.