Kingdom Kids

Wednesdays @ 7pm and Sundays @ 5pm.



Raising Up A Powerful Generation Of Believers

In this day and time there are many uncertainties in the world and our young children have a shortage of true role models. In Kingdom Kids our ministry focuses on building a certainty in our children; a certainty that they are loved by God and that they have a call and a purpose in the earth to further the kingdom of God. Every Leader and sponsor that works with Kingdom Kids feels a since of responsibility to exemplify Christ so that we are leaving Godly impressions on their hearts; so that they can go boldly into their little world and make big impacts for Christ on a daily basis. We teach them the simplicity of the gospel but put an expectation of big results in their hearts because God is a God of "Big results". To find out what's happening and when in our Kingdom Kids Ministry click HERE to see the CALENDAR >