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Are You Ready To Receive?

Get ready to bring all that you have for God to fill up - because this year is going to be a year of OVERFLOW -in every area of our lives and we are ready! Last year was a year of incredible change and we all know, sometimes...change doesn't necessarily FEEL GOOD - but we know that it is essential for our growth and maturity. So in 2018, BELIEVE God for what He has promised you. DECLARE IT over your life daily and WATCH how the faithfullness and goodness of God begin to overtake you and fill up your life with His promised blessings! Are you excited?

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Remember - Winners on Wednesdays

WEDNESDAYS is where it's at! Make plans now to attend our 7pm service on each Wednesday night. It's just the mid-week injection of FAITH that we often need and it helps us to be energized and built up - especially when our work/school week can be really challenging! Fellowshipping with the Saints and being equipped together helps to bolster and build up your Faith. The atmosphere is a casual, bible study format - where you can ask questions....so don't worry if you are just coming straight from work!!! So what are YOU doing this Wednesday?

Shawnee, OK REVIVAL Continues and is spreading to Southeastern Oklahoma!

The members of Faith Connections Church in Shawnee, Oklahoma have been experiencing a mighty move of God and are continuing to bring equipping and transformation to them this spring! 2018 is shaping up to be an incredible year and we are in awe at the doors that God is opening! It is CLEAR that He is wanting to pour out his fresh fire to invogorate and energize the coming move of His Holy Spirit! He has led us to also bring revival to Crosslife Church in Millerton, Oklahoma where Evangelist Ziggy Sanchezhas recently met with over 12 pastors there who are also hungry to experience and share in what God wants to do in the region! Come and experience what God has for you with us! This year is already off to an amazing start so don't miss out! Experience a wonderful time in His Presence, receive fresh vision and rejuvenation that brings forth growth, spiritual maturation and invigoration! It's true! The Holy Spirit is eager to move among the body not only here in Oklahoma but as we saw in March, Ziggy went to Richmond, IN, Defiance, OH and he's going back to Ohio this month! This summer, he will be off to Seattle WA! These are exciting times, so join us and be a part of the fire that is already spreading across the nation!